Promoting social inclusion in the labour market

Paul Bivand

Paul Bivand

Associate Director of Statistics and Analysis

Tel: 020 7582 7221


Paul is Associate Director of Statistics and Analysis at Inclusion, with 30 years of experience in employment and skills policy research.

He is a committee member of the Labour Market Statistics User Group, which operates under the auspices of the Royal Statistical Society.

At Inclusion, Paul leads on the analysis of labour market statistics and economic forecasting. He has led Inclusion’s policy work on the impact of the recession on flows into long-term unemployment, and the resulting impacts on the scale and nature of support needed. This work has challenged the Department for Work and Pensions to improve their analyses, as well as provided support to providers seeking to operate in an extremely challenging environment.

Paul leads on the analysis of existing survey resources, and where these are inadequate, he manages specialised surveys commissioned by clients. He is an expert at analysing the Labour Force Survey and also has extensive experience of examining longitudinal surveys. Paul manages Inclusion’s complex data analysis requirements and promotes and maintains relationships with appointed fieldwork agencies.

He led a major project, commissioned by a consortium of local authorities and carried out in partnership with the Child Poverty Action Group, to develop the Child Poverty Toolkit. 

Paul has extensive experience of using statistical packages R and SPSS.